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FEB 2021 SAT FEB  SUN MORGAN PARK RACEWAY TTT DAY and SUPER SPRINTS MAY 4 SAT MAY 5 SUN MORGAN PARK RACEWAY AUTUMN HISTORIC WARWICK 2021 JUL 13 SAT JUL 14 SUN MORGAN PARK RACEWAY HISTORIC QUEENSLAND 2020 With the new year approaching it is timely to remind everyone about the changes that will effect historic motorsport as of 1st Jan 2020. They include, the Frontal Head Restraint use and need for a High Performance Licence endorsment for drivers of high performance cars . As well there is a change of name for the controlling body CAMS to Motorsport Australia.      Regulation changes for 2020  Revised 21/01/2020 Around 90 HRCC members and friends gathered at Carina Leagues club in Brisbane for a Christmas party and to congratulate the 2019 Club champions as they were presented with their awards.      2019 Club Champion named at awards night  Posted 14/12/2019 Motorsport Australia has issued a Flow Chat to assist members in determinining if there is a need to use a Frontal Head Restraint for the type of vehicle and event they are intending to participate in.      Frontal Head Restraint Flow Chart  Posted 05/03/2020 Recently, the majority of HRCC members were emailed a document which detailed a list of objectives that the management committee has identified as being important items to work on in the future.      Objectives Survey   Posted 18/04/2020 The FIA Motorsport Safety Department has advised the cancellation of three different helmets previously approved under the 8859-2015 Standard due to safety reasons.      Homologation Withdrawn for Three Helmets  Posted 18/04/2020 The Corona Virus pandemic has brought many changes to the normal Australian way of life and the effects of these changes has impacted the activities of this club.       COVID-19 & HRCC  Posted 18/04/2020 HRCC members who have cars registered under the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme should make themselves aware of how their use of a SIV may be affected by the current COVID-19 restrictions.      Use of SIV during COVID-19 Restrictions  Posted 21/04/2020 In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Motorsport Australia Board has approved changes to the expiration of certain licence types. These changes were the result of a month long consultation by Motorsport Australia with members and other stakeholders.      Motorsport Australia Licence Update  Posted30/04/2020 Motorsport Australia has released a strategy for the resumption of motorsport activity in a COVID-19 environment. The organisation is working with all State Goverments and the Federal Government on ways in which to get club level motorsport activities running again.      Motorsport Australia - Return to Race  Posted14/05/2020 Information regarding refunds arising out of the cancelled 2019 summer hillclimb due to a bushfire threat. Also a statement in regards to HRCC no longer having an involvement in the joint venture      Noosa Hillclimb Refunds  Posted15/06/2020 The Queensland Hillclimb Championships will take place on 14th, 15th & 16th of August on the Mount Cotton track in Brisbane. HRCC competitors are invited to take part      2020 Queensland Hillclimb Championships  Posted15/06/2020