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2017 Historic Lakeside race meeting Concluded Congratulations to all the race winners. Thanks go to all the volunteers who gave their valuable time to enable this race meeting to be a great success.
Warm   sunny   days   set   the   scene   for   a   great   weekend   of   historic   motorsport   at   the   iconic Lakeside   Park   Raceway   in   Brisbane.      While   the   number   of   cars   entered   was   lower   than desired,    the    result    was    a    relaxed    event    that    was    high    on atmosphere.      Group   N   turned   on   some   great   racing   with   Brian Wood   and   Grahame   Wrobel   out   front   entertaining   the   spectators with   close   racing.   But   not   far   behind   them   was   Steve   Land   and Stephen    Sullivan    in    their    V6    Capri’s.        Norm    Singleton,    in    his smaller   capacity   Alfa   GTV   showed   his   Lakeside   experience   to produce very quick lap times. The   fast   cars   in   Group   S&T   were   Porsche   911’s   however   Michael Mckelliget   showed   that   his   Datsun   260Z   was   not   to   be   taken   for granted with his spirited driving. Groups    O,    P    Q    &    R    racing    and    sports    car    races    were    an interesting   affair   with   Bill   Norman   setting   the   quickest   times of   the   weekend   in   his   Ralt   RT4.   Unfortunately,   the   Mildren Waggot    “Yellow    Submarine”    of    Lionel    Ayres    was    running poorly and did not reveal its potential. Geoff   Karger   made   a   clean   sweep   of   the   Group   L,   M,   F   &   V   races   in   his   Reynard   Formula Ford. Regularity   saw   a   mixed   collection   of   cars   once   again.   From   an   Austin   7   to   a   GSM   Dart   and Mustangs,   a   Hillman   Gazelle,   Cortinas,   a   Commodore   and   more,   it   made   the   day   very interesting for competitors and specators alike. The photos below highlight some of the cars racing at lakeside over the weekend. Please support these photographers who share images with HRCC.
Results Summary Group N - Historic Touring Cars Overall for 4 Races 1st - Grahame Wrobel, 2nd - Brian Wood,  3rd - Steve Land. 5th Race placing 1st - Steve Land, 2nd - Stephen Sullivan,  3rd - Grahame Wrobel. Groups L, M, F & V - Historic Racing and Sports Cars Overall for 4 Races 1st - Geoff Karger, 2nd - Len Don,  3rd - Neil Sivyer. 5th Race placing 1st - Geoff Karger, 2nd - Len Don,  3rd - Lindsay Norris Groups O, P, Q & R - Historic Sports and Racing Cars Overall for 4 Races 1st - William Norman, 2nd - Bruce Taylor,  3rd - Barry Wise. 5th Race placing 1st - Bruce Taylor, 2nd - Barry Wise,    3rd - William Norman Groups S & T & Invited - Historic Production Sports Cars  Overall for 4 Races 1st - Stan Adler, 2nd - Michael Mc Kelliget, 3rd - Greg Horwill. 5th Race placing 1st - Stan Adler, 2nd - Michael Mc Kelliget, 3rd - Greg Horwill Regularity Trial Group - Sports and Touring Cars Overall for 4 Trials 1st - Ray Law, 2nd - Andrew White,   3rd - Andrew Bear.
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