Page 1 of 2 Historic Racing Car Club (Qld) Inc.   PO Box 353 Red Hill Qld 4059. ABN 70 187 652 591  The Sport Of Motor Racing History NOTICE OF MEETING   General Meeting and 2021 Annual General Meeting  Notice is given that a General and an Annual General Meeting will be held as follows: Monday 22nd November 2021  Commencing at 7.30 pm  Memorial Hall Mount Gravatt Showgrounds,  1644 Logan Rd  Mount Gravatt, Qld General Meeting Agenda  Ratify the Club’s business during the period ended 30th September 2021.  Annual General Meeting agenda Receive the Management Committee Report for the period ended 30th September 2021. Receive the Income and Expenditure Statement and the Statement of Assets and Liabilities for the period ended 30th September 2021. Receive the Auditor’s Report on the books of account. Present the Financial Statements and Audit Report to the Meeting for adoption.  Appoint an Auditor for the coming year. Elect Members to the 2022 Management Committee. – Refer to ‘Attachment A’   Special Resolution:  Motion: That the Association adopt the ‘2021 Draft Constitution’ with immediate effect. Note: Category A, B and E Members are entitled to vote, to receive notice of, and to attend and debate at, general meetings.   Notice issued 11/10/2021
Page 2 of 2 ATTACHMENT A   At the close of nominations candidates for election to the 2022 Management Committee are as follows:  Candidate Position 1st Nominator 2nd Nominator Greg Dalliston Committee Member Rod Burrows Kirrily Dalliston Peter Finnigan Committee Member Peter Gilbert Peter Thompson Peter Gilbert Secretary Dr.Christopher Robertson Jim Goulden Jim Goulden Committee Member John Tupicoff Ian Welsh Dr.Christopher Robertson President Alan Steel Peter Gilbert Alan Steel Vice President Dr.Christopher Robertson Peter Gilbert John Tupicoff Treasurer Jim Goulden Dr.Christopher Robertson Graeme Wakefield President Mike Gehde John Tupicoff Candidates are listed in last name alphabetical order - Ref. HRCCQ Constitution Rule 17(4)   For each position the candidate with the highest number of votes who has achieved the required majority, i.e., 50% rounded up plus one (1), will be declared elected.  Notes regarding voting:   Category A, B and E Members are entitled to vote   In the event that a member is unable to attend the AGM in person the HRCCQ Inc Constitution provides for direct voting for resolutions; direct voting (often referred to as ‘Postal Voting’) provides an opportunity and a facility for an absent member to cast a vote.   Members who DO NOT have an email address Members who do not have an email address will receive a ‘hard copy’ ballot paper via Australia Post which is to be used to cast a direct vote.   Members who DO HAVE an email  address Members who do have an email address will receive an email inviting the member to cast a direct vote online, the online link will be provided in the email invitation.   Members who attend the AGM in person can vote, however, note the following:    A member who has cast a direct vote (i.e., a direct voter) is entitled to attend the meeting; however, if a member who has cast a direct vote prior to the meeting and then attends the meeting, then that member is not permitted to vote (at the meeting) on the matter being that upon which the direct vote was cast.  End
The HRCCQ Inc 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to convene on Monday 22nd November 2021 and the management committee is of the hope that you will be in attendance at the meeting. In the event that you are unable to attend the meeting in person the HRCCQ Inc Constitution provides for the appointment of a proxy for Special Resolutions. A special resolution is a resolution that is passed at a general meeting (including the AGM) of an incorporated association by the votes of the members who are present and entitled to vote. ‘Present’ can be the member in person or, as permitted by the Act (the Incorporated Associations Act), a proxy appointed by the member. The appointment of a proxy allows any absent member who is entitled to vote to state their wish and cast their vote accordingly. Please note that the proxy advice must be received by HRCCQ Inc not later than 11.59pm on Sunday, 14th November 2021. Regards Peter Gilbert Secretary HRCCQ Inc Management Committee
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